Thursday, March 28, 2013

My 15 Black And White Photography

DSC02123  DSC05828 DSC05875

Many of my friend asked me why Black and White? Landscape / street with black and white?? PORTRAIT with black and white??? WHY BLACK AND WHITE???





My answer to them are, yes, i do like colors but it seems as though black and white images are making something of a comeback of late as digital camera owners rediscover the beauty of mono images. And it do add lots of attitude in to a picture with black and white.





Some times, I do find that colors can be terribly distracting in some images and can take the focus away from your subject. I do portrait work over the weekend and find that taking the color out of an image lets the subject speak for themselves. 

DSC08007 DSC03542 DSC07460

And it do add a lots of dramatic emotion when its in black and white. And of course when come to high ISO, i do feel photographing in black and white do look acceptable to me with all those grainy look with the classic film kind of look.