Monday, August 17, 2015


Please take note of Jenny Sirisopapan (a model from Thailand). This model had agreed for a photoshoot job in Malaysia but had gone missing after received up-front payment of 3000 THB on June 16, 2015. Once upfront deposit of 3000 THB was received, the organizer was blocked in social media, all messages via LINE & Messenger were successfully sent but no more respond/reply from her till today. She (Jenny Sirisopapan) had earned 3000 THB but the organizer lost more for hosting her for photoshoot trip in Malaysia where air ticket & hotel stay already been booked & paid. The organizer of this event also checks with Frank Behrens (who claimed himself as a worldwide photographer for more than 30 years and a very good friend of Jenny Sirisopapan) regarding Jenny Sirisopapan. A very friendly person over Messenger, but the organizer was blocked several days later via social network by this Frank Behrens as well. This message is to warn other photographer or people, who want to work with Jenny Sirisopapan, do be careful of this scammer. In Jenny Sirisopapan social network posting, she had just join 

P/S: Below are some screenshot & pictures of evidence