Friday, July 5, 2013

Low Light Photograph (Part I)


When come to low light photography, i do find the best time are dawn hour & dusk hour. And of course, you need to use a tripod to capture the ideal shot in all different circumstances.

DSC05885 DSC06107 DSC03785

Tripod is very important when natural lighting is reduced. To get more light into the lens, we need to adjust our camera exposure and shuttle speed. However, with a slower shuttle speed, there is always a risk of camera shake which results unwanted blurring. A tripod will reduce camera movement and also will improves picture quality, helping you to take perfect sunrise or sunset.

Batu Hampar Waterfall DSC09407
Malacca Riverside

Last but not least, with a tripod basically forcing you to slow down, giving time to think about creating a photograph that you can expressing your ideas. So if you still do not have a tripod, do get a tripod that suit your need! Why wait, right? Try it out yourself and i guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Batu Ferringhi Waterfall Jambatan Pasar DSC00220 DSC06171